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Caltex Leeton Distributor Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Support

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Name : Caltex Leeton Distributor (Contact Details)

Location: Leeton, NSW, Australia

Category : Fuel, Lubricants, Motor Oil

Distributor Name: Tasco Petroleum nigel

Contact Person: Nigel Wilson

Caltex Distributor Address: 9-11 Brady Way, Leeton NSW 2700

Caltex Distributor Phone Number: 0269214710

Caltex Distributor Email ID: wilson@tascopetroleum.com.au

Caltex Australia Customer Service Phone Numbers

Customer Service: 1800 240 398

Fuel and Lubricant Orders: 1300 656 923

On Site Refuelling Enquiries: 1300 255 677

Lubelink Fuel and Lubricant Technical Support: 1300 364 169

StarCard Customer Service: 1300 365 096

Lost and Stolen Fuel Cards: 1300 365 096

myCaltex Support: 1300 662 669

StarFleet Vehicle Maintenance Support: 1300 656 014

Lytton Refinery Community Hotline: 1800 675 487

Caltex Roadside Assistance: 1800 225 111

Fax Number: n/a

Whatsapp Number: n/a

Official Website : www.caltex.com.au

Facebook Profile : facebook.com/CaltexAu

Twitter Handle : twitter.com/caltexaustralia

Instagram Handle : instagram.com/caltexaustralia

Google Plus Profile : n/a

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/caltex-australia

YouTube Channel : youtube.com/user/AllAustralianCaltex

Head Office: NSW, Australia

About: Caltex is a very popular brand name of petroleum company Chevron Corporation who selling fuels and other items worldwide including Australia. It operates the largest oil company retail network in Australia. Caltex offers products like petrol, diesel, autogas, lubricants, motor oil etc. Caltex products are easily available at Star Mart Stores, Star Shop and Woolworth’s stores. It operates many official distributors also all around the country.